Busy with work, kids, spouses, activities, elderly parents, pets, or binging on the latest Netflix show? Armed with good intentions to eat healthier but never feel like there is a good time much less an easy way to get started? Ever feel like you need an advanced college degree to understand the nutrition philosophies promoted in magazines, internet, or social media?

What if you were to walk into the grocery store with confidence, knowing the foods that will move you closer to your personal wellness goals? What if you could tell the difference between products that are truly healthy and those that are just marketed to be healthy?

Here are the top five benefits attending a Kailo Nutrition Grocery Store Tour!

  1. Time-saving strategies to maintain sanity. Contrary to popular belief, cooking healthy food doesn’t necessarily take longer than cooking any other type of meal. However, prepping healthy food can easily add time that you don’t have to spare onto your daily routine. Time-saving strategies on how to shop, prep, and store will be covered so that you aren’t a slave to your kitchen and you can move on with your life!
  1. You’ll have a black belt in reading labels. Did you know that manufacturers can state that a product is fat-free or sugar-free when, in fact, that is not the case? Shocking, I know. Did you know that you can just ignore the % Daily Volume column? It has essentially no practical application in your life. Additional discussion will include a description of the ingredients that may be common but confusing, how to be sure products are gluten-free, differentiating whole grains from refined grains, and understanding USDA organic claims. 
  1. New, easy, practical, recipes. What’s the point of buying a bunch of kale if you don’t know what to do with it? Learn about new foods and how to use familiar foods in innovative, yet easy ways. Practical culinary ideas will be rattled off the entire tour and provided in a follow-up email after the tour. 
  1. Packaged products that are convenient and Examples of packaged plant-based foods will be highlighted along with the health benefits and how to use them in everyday cooking. Explore the aisles and frozen section for healthy packaged foods that are convenient yet keep you on path to reaching your health goals.
  1. Become a Nutrition Ninja. The tour will focus on the foods that will bring you the most bang for your nutrition buck! You’ll be surprised to learn about the foods that are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals yet naturally low in fat, sodium, cholesterol, and calories.

Eating healthy foods on a consistent basis can be overwhelming and a challenge when unsure about what to buy in the grocery store! The Kailo Nutrition grocery store tours are the intersection of nutrition, food, and practical culinary ideas that help individuals gain the edge in finally taking control of their health and living the life they deserve.