Do you only discuss foods/dishes that are vegan?


Are the meals gluten-free?
When the classes are at FreshJax, they will be gluten free because they are a gluten-free facility. Other classes may include dishes that contain gluten.


I want/need to eat healthier, but I’m not interested in becoming vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free. Are these classes for me?
It could be! Highly processed foods (basically most packaged foods sold with a nutrition facts label) and a meat-centric dishes are at the root of the current health epidemic in America. Even if you aren’t interested in becoming 100% vegetarian/vegan, eating “healthier” will require consuming less processed, meat-centric dishes and increasing more plant-based meals.

Until you have the 5-10 “go-to” recipes that you can whip up in less than 20 minutes without thinking, a sustainable and meaningful dietary lifestyle change is unlikely. This class allows you to see how easy creating healthy meals can be without the use of cook books, calculators, higher order mathematics, culinary skills, or much planning.


I have no clue how to cook, is this class right for me?
Yep. This is not a skills class or a sophisticated culinary class. It’s meant to teach people how to put together healthy, practical, every-day plant-based meals. Some nutrition education and instruction on how to read a nutrition facts label will also be provided.


Are there any more classes coming up?
Yes, there will be more classes and workshops related to food, nutrition, and cooking coming up! Please check out Kailo Nutrition website for upcoming events. You can also sign up to receive updates when events are scheduled on the website.