Native Sun Culinary Nutrition Tour: Follow-Up Materials

Basket filled healthy food

It was SO great to meet everyone on Saturday for the Culinary Nutrition tour. I hope you found the tour helpful, feel empowered to face the grocery store with confidence, and are armed with the basic understranding of how to prepare more plant-based dishes!

Feedback Survey

Answer these five quick questions to help me improve the tour! I promise it’s painless and I use the feedback to adjust the tour content. Many thanks in advance for your time!

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Label Reading Guide

3 Tips to Plant-Based Meals

Theme Night “Meal Plan”

The Tour Resources

The Vegetarian Starter Kit

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Hope our paths cross in the future. Pleaes check out Community Events to make sure you don’t miss any future classes and workshops!