Culinary Nutrition Classes

This is NOT your mother’s cooking class! 

  • Bought kale and find yourself asking, now what?
  • Want to decrease or avoid medication to address rising cholesterol, blood pressure, or weight?
  • Can’t find the time to prepare a meal-plan or the energy to stick to it?
  • Cautious to experiment cooking new food because you’re afraid you’ll ruin the dish, wasting time and money?

Embarking on major dietary changes in the midst of a busy life is not without challenges.

Most clinicians tell you what not to eat. If you are lucky, they will provide suggestions on what to eat. How many of them show you how to prepare the healthy foods? Our Culinary Nutrition courses address the most common challenges encountered when trying to eat healthier, providing you with a practical, tangible, and realistic game plan for adding nutrition food into your life! 

It’s too expensive to eat healthy
I don’t have enough time to eat healthy
I don’t have enough discipline or will power to eat healthy
Healthy food doesn’t taste very good
I don’t know how to prepare healthy food


The Culinary Nutrition Difference

Join Registered Dietitian, Heather Borders, and Chef Lisa Franzino as they discuss the relationship between food, nutrition, and health. The cooking demonstration will use realistic recipes and provide practical culinary tips that anyone can use any day of the week. End with a meal tasting of the dishes prepared during the class, exploring new flavors and foods that will move everyone closer to their individual health goals. 

Spring 2017 Classes

Lifestyle Reset for Healthy Beginnings

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If you have questions about this program or would like to inquire about a private Culinary Nutrition class, please contact Heather at, or call 904.588.2770.


Two-hour custom specialty classes (diabetes, renal, pregnancy, kids, allergies, other) can be developed. Classes would include food, custom menu, and hands-on cooking. Have a large group (5+people)? No problem. Please send an email with details for rates!